Online Cloud Backup

Taking a good backup of your data is one of the most important, as well as the most neglected, computer related tasks for any business. It’s so important, we recommend using multiple forms of backup, including a backup of your data stored in a remote location. Our cloud backup is housed on our own servers and data is transferred through our own dedicated fiber optic internet line, we do not outsource this to a different company, which means your data is safe and secure and we can retrieve the data very quickly in the event of an emergency. The best part, not only is this fully automated, it’s a live synchronization (not on a scheduled task) which means as soon as you save a document on your computer, it automatically gets synced with the cloud backup. Very cool! You also have access to the web portal so you can log in and get to your files on any computer or handheld device from any internet connection. Packages start at just $25 a month!

Web & Other Hosting

Take control of your own web and hosting options with Computer Trendz hosting. We use a high-speed fiber optic network that gives you the highest speeds of data transfer available. We own our own servers, not outsourced, which means we have visibility into all system logs and events which means greater control of our systems. For example, with the big box companies if you get a strange email message or bounceback notification, there's no way to tell why you are getting it. Have problems with spam and junk email? High visibility and control means we can see where the junk email is coming from and stop it. Have a special script or database or other need that your website relies on? We offer custom hosting solutions as well as turn-key simple hosting solutions.

Some of the other hosting we offer is RDP hosting (remote desktop protocol), where you have your server or virtual workstations set up online and you can get to them from any computer or mobile device to work remotely. This is especially helpful when applications like QuickBooks or other proprietary software only works on the Windows platform but you want multiple people to be able to access those resources across multiple platforms (including Macintosh and mobile/tablets). With RDP hosting you could effectively eliminate the need of a file server altogether, and be able to take your virtual desktop anywhere you go that has internet access.

You can browse our Web & Email Hosting Packages with pricing, or call us today for quotes on any custom hosting you need, or to inquire about which hosting solution would best fit your company needs.

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