CLOUD:  Can multiple users use Cloud to back up their files at the same time?

Yes, the cloud drive works as a synchronous network drive, which will detect changes in a file and copy it to the other users on the same account.  Since it has this ability, several workstations can use the same Cloud account to back up their files at the same time in realtime.


CLOUD:  Is the online backup scheduled nightly?

No, the backups run in realtime.  When it detects a change on a file, it will automatically upload it to the cloud.


CLOUD:  Can I access my cloud files if I’m not at my computer?

Yes!  You can go to http://cloud.computertrendz.net and log in with your credentials and access all of your files.  Through the web interface you can even upload new files that will then be synchronized to all of the computers on your account.


CLOUD:  Where is my data kept?

Since we do not outsource or contract out our Cloud services, your data is stored safely and secured on our own servers, so there is no risk of unknown eyes being able to access your data.  In the event of a major crash or emergency, we will have the ability to quickly recover your data and bring it to you on an external drive or other media if needed.


E-MAIL:   Can I set up email on my iPhone or Android device?

Yes, the server settings work on both mobile phones using the same server and port information as a regular computer email client.


E-MAIL:  What are the server settings to set up Outlook or other E-mail client software?

User Name:  Your full email address (not just the first part)

Password is required

IMAP Server:  mail.computertrendz.net

SMTP Server:  mail.computertrendz.net

IMAP Port:  585, No SSL

SMTP Port:  465, No SSL

SMTP Authentication Is Required

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